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CEMEX UK, the first company in sector to introduce an Epod system

CEMEX UK, the first company in sector to introduce an Epod system

 April 14th, 2009
CEMEX UK, the first company in sector to introduce an Epod system

14th April 2009:  CEMEX UK, the building materials provider, is the first company in the industry to use an Epod (electronic proof of delivery) as the sole proof of delivery.  The handheld computer device carried by cement drivers replaces the traditional paper-based system and helps ensure that customers receive the right product.

The new system was introduced during the first three months of this year in the Cement Logistics division, including sub-contractors, comprising of 250+ drivers, who make 60,000 deliveries a year all over the country.  As there are 8 different cementitious products available to customers, receiving exactly the right product is critical in the construction process.

The Epod system includes a revolutionary barcode system which enables the Logistics team to track the delivery at every point of the process.  In addition, the latest GPS tracking technology allows CEMEX planners to have detailed information of the geographical position of each vehicle to plan the next delivery.

This type of system is also used by parcel delivery operators and is already giving CEMEX driver and operational efficiencies that equate to cost savings as well as the environmental benefits of replacing the six sheets of paper previously used for every load delivered.

Graham Russell, CEMEX Vice President of Commercial, Logistics and Building Products in the UK commented “This innovation ensures that we can offer a more efficient, streamlined, accurate and customer-focused delivery service.  The end result is good for drivers as it is a system that fits in well with the day-to-day operation and has been welcomed by customers.”


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