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09 June 2008

CEMEX UK presents two new domestic permeable paving ranges

Building materials provider CEMEX UK has launched two new concrete block permeable pavers aimed at the domestic market, Chelsea ReadyflowTM 60 and Barbican ReadyflowTM 60, complementing the existing ReadyflowTM 80 commercial range.

In October 2008, new legislation will mean that this type of permeable paver is the preferred option for many consumers, rather than impermeable materials for which planning permission will be required. The two new pavers, Chelsea ReadyflowTM 60 and Barbican ReadyflowTM 60 have enhanced joints created by larger rather than conventional spacer nibs.

This unique design makes the pavers ideal as an integral part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), a growing solution in the UK to excessive surface water caused by rain and flooding. The new paving, which is ideal for driveways, paths and ornamental gardens, allows surface water to pass through the voids in the block design in a controlled manner into a sub grade or drainage system, where it can be effectively managed.

It is estimated that around two thirds of the 55,000 homes affected by the 2007 summer floods were flooded from surface water run-off. It is hoped that the new planning regulations, which require householders to apply for planning permission if they wish to use impermeable paving materials, will create a shift in the use of the more environmentally-friendly permeable solutions.

The two ranges offer consumers a choice of colours and ‘looks’ to enhance their property. Barbican ReadyflowTM 60 has a contemporary appearance, with its smooth finish and clean lines in contrast to Chelsea ReadyflowTM 60 with its traditional-looking tumbled edges. The pavers come in a choice of 3 sizes to give infinite laying patterns and 3 colours, Autumn Hue, Burnt Elm and Burnt Ember.

The environmental credentials of these new blocks extend beyond their usage in pavements as they are made from CEMEX CEM 3 cement. The factory blended CEM 3 cement is supplied locally and comprises of 50% Portland cement (CEMI) and 50% ground granulated blast-furnace slag. This reduces its carbon footprint by up to 45%.


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Customers can get information on the ReadyflowTM range by contacting the helpline on 0800 667827 In recent years, the number of areas such as roads, pavements and buildings which are sealed by impermeable materials has increased. Rainfall which would normally be absorbed and retained by the ground is now often diverted off the sealed area, into the sewers and rivers. his results in the overload of sewers, river flooding and the risk of pollution into the water course. Use of SUDS allows a specified amount of water to be retained and then discharged in a controlled manner leading to reduced rainfall into sewers, cleaner rivers and streams, less pollution, improved ground water levels and water and air to the plant and tree roots. CEMEX is a global building materials company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. In the UK, CEMEX also has a significant share of the asphalt, concrete block and mortar markets. The company has a national supply network in the UK with over 500 locations, to ensure that quality building materials is available to customers locally. For more information, see or

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