CEMEX UK launches stunning conservation book, Sublime Nature

24 June 2014

Sublime Nature, a new book launched by CEMEX UK, is the first in the new Nature Series from global building materials supplier, CEMEX. This visually inspiring book with stunning photographs taken from the natural world follows the high standard of the celebrated 20 -volume CEMEX Conservation book series*.

Sublime Nature, developed in partnership with National Geographic and Christina Mittermaier, dedicated conservationist and photographer, includes spectacular photographs taken by award-winning photojournalists interspersed with inspiring words from renowned writers and environmentalists, aimed at creating awareness of the great beauty of the planet and promoting preservation and conservation.

Jesus Gonzalez, President CEMEX UK comments “ As a leading supplier of aggregates, cement and readymixed concrete, we recognise the need to balance the requirements of the natural world with the demands of communities for building materials to be used in new schools, homes, infrastructure and the built environment.

“Much like throwing a stone in the water and the resulting ripple effect, our conservation book series has helped to drive an ever-increasing range of environmental initiatives. We want to be the best for communities by maintaining the natural world around us and creating a better future for society.

“Although recent Government announcements have seen a reduction in green objectives, I remain passionate about maintaining sustainability momentum while playing a key role in delivering on our built environment challenges. Our key activities focus on driving down CO2 , boosting nature around our operations, developing more sustainable solutions and being more efficient with natural resources.”

Sublime Nature in now available from Amazon, the Daily Mail Bookshop and the Book People.


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Notes to editors:

 For further information on CEMEX  UK contact Elizabeth Young; email: Elizabeth.young@cemex.com t: 01932 583214

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  • * CEMEX Conservation book series dates back to 1993 and was launched following the United Nations Rio Earth Summit to draw attention to the need for conservation of the world’s natural resources.
  • Helping to build a Great Britain – CEMEX’s vision is to help build a greater Britain by providing solutions to construction problems through our innovative building materials, our expertise, our understanding of the construction issues and our people.  We aim to create the best service and the best solutions for a better future.   
  • About CEMEX: CEMEX is a global manufacturer of building materials and the biggest Mexican investor in the UK, with 3,000 people employed across 450 sites nationwide. In this country, we are a leading provider of aggregates, cement, ready-mixed concrete and rail sleepers with annual sales of around £1 billion.


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