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CEMEX UK continues its support of cyclist safety during the 2011 Bike Week

 20th June 2011: During the Team Green Britain Bike Week 18 - 26th June, CEMEX UK, the building materials supplier, will be supporting 5 local cycling events to help educate cyclists about safe cycling around large vehicles.

At bike events in Gateshead, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Brighton and London, CEMEX will be providing one of its fleet of LGVs (large goods vehicle) - a concrete mixer , cement tanker or aggregates tipper - to demonstrate the 'blind' areas around large vehicles and encourage cyclists to get into the cab to see the road from a driver's perspective.

It is estimated that 39% of cycling fatalities nationwide involve LGVs against a background of an increasing number of cyclists on more congested roads.

A concrete mixer will be a key part of the Portsmouth 'Bike to work' Day, Nicola Waight, road safety co-ordinator said "Too many accidents are caused just by cyclists not being visible to drivers. We hope by cyclists getting the driver's perspective in the CEMEX vehicle they will appreciate how difficult it potentially, is to be seen and can make sure they place themselves in a safer position."

In London CEMEX is supporting an Exchanging Places event organised by the City of London and Metropolitan police forces. Organiser, PC Alex Sweet from the City of London Police said: "This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about cycle safety with a CEMEX vehicle. Our priority is to reduce the number of cyclists killed and injured on the roads."

Since 2003, CEMEX has been actively involved in addressing the safety of cyclists and other vulnerable road users and today is seen as a leader in its sector, for addressing cyclist safety.

Additional safety features have been added to over 450 vehicles in the CEMEX fleet and up to 2,500 independent haulier contractors vehicles employed by CEMEX each month.

To help improve visibility in the 'blind spot' around the front and nearside corner, a 'fish eye' mirror has been fitted. They have become a legal requirement on all new vehicles registered since 2007. CEMEX has ensured that these features have been retrofitted to all vehicles over 3 years old.

Another important addition is signage. There are two, one on the nearside back corner to discourage cyclists from proceeding up the left hand side of the vehicle and, to complement it, a large yellow 'Caution' sign running along the side.

Other innovations which are added when appropriate include proximity sensors and side under-run bars on tipper trucks have been added as extra protection to prevent cyclists falling under the vehicle.

"Both drivers and cyclists have a responsibility for their own, and each other's safety. CEMEX has invested in additional safety features for its vehicles and continuous training for its team of drivers, however we also feel we have an obligation to help promote safe cycling to cyclists, " comments Andy Taylor, UK Director Health and Safety.


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