CEMEX renews partnership with Continental.
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CEMEX renews partnership with Continental.

CEMEX has partnered with Continental tyres for a further three years providing a fixed price tyre contact for our Cement and Aggregates Logistics fleets.

Part of this relationship is promoting health and safety in the tyre provider network who service our vehicles. Joint CEMEX and Continental workshops have taken place at Bristol, Cambridge, Rugby, Runcorn which were well attended by CEMEX staff and the tyre service agents.

Safety was priority for the day – with key points on safe systems of work, PPE and vehicle safe isolation and use of wheel chocks etc. Our contract has provided industry leading results with high audit scores for tyres being safe, legal and fuel efficient.

We have seen significant improvements in reductions in on road tyre blow outs, roadside breaks downs and call outs – ensuring our products arrive both safely and on time.

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