CEMEX Renews BirdLife Partnership
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CEMEX Renews BirdLife Partnership

CEMEX recently announced the renewal of its partnership with BirdLife International (BirdLife), the world’s largest nature conservation partnership.

23 February 2018

Following 10 years of conservation action across several continents, CEMEX and BirdLife’s three-year renewal of their global partnership expects to achieve their goal of implementing Biodiversity Action Plans across the totality of CEMEX’s active Quarries in high biodiversity value areas by 2020, continuing their efforts to achieve environmentally sustainable development.

CEMEX and BirdLife’s joint efforts have significantly improved the biodiversity of CEMEX’s Quarries, such as its Cerrito Blanco Quarry in northwestern Mexico.

As a result of this BAP implementation, Mexico’s national bird, the Golden Eagle, is benefiting from a focused conservation effort, including enhancing habitat quality.

Other highlights include the restoration of 1,000 hectares of priority habitat in the UK. “For 10 years BirdLife International has been instrumental in helping us to protect the biodiversity that surrounds our operations and in creating environmental conditions similar to or better than those that were present at the beginning of our Quarries’ life cycles,” said Jesus Gonzalez, CEMEX Executive Vice President of Sustainability and Operations Development.

“With many success stories behind us, we believe that, by partnering with organisations such as BirdLife, we are truly delivering on our commitment to build a better future for generations to enjoy.”

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