The IUCN Red List: 50 Years of Conservation

CEMEX is proud to present the second volume of its Nature Series in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The world has witnessed profound changes over the past 50 years, including the destruction of the natural environment and loss of biodiversity.

Sumatran tiger: the world’s largest feline, has lost 90% of its territory and only about 400 specimens survive because of illegal killing, loss of habitat and natural prey.


Ploughshare tortoise: with barely a few hundred surviving in nature, unacceptable amounts of these turtles are exported as illegal contraband and sold by pet dealers.

The IUCN devised in 1964 what is now known as the IUCN Red List, a compendium of over 73 thousand species that are often ignored but are vital for the conservation ecosystems and hence for human life itself.


The IUCN Red List has become the most comprehensive source of information on the status of the world’s species of animals, fungi, and plants, and one of our best weapons to address and counter the crisis of extinction.

CEMEX, in partnership with the IUCN, has published the second volume of its Nature Series, The IUCN Red List: 50 Years of Conservation.

Edited by Cristina Mittermeier, photographer, conservationist, and founder of the International League of Conservation Photographers, this book presents a wonderful fusion of expert, eloquent prose with spectacular images of species that have already benefited through the efforts resulting from the list, as well as others that aren’t well known or ignored, but which also require rapid intervention to prevent their extinction.

Through this book, CEMEX invites you to actively participate in the future of our planet and take initiatives to protect and celebrate its amazing natural diversity. For more information, please contact us at

About CEMEX Book Series:

Since 1993, CEMEX has been honoured to work with many of the world’s most dedicated conservation organizations to create impressive photography books related to the environment. This array of 20 books became the Conservation Book Series.

This year, we are pleased to launch the new Nature Series, promoting and developing a culture of appreciation and respect for nature, not only among our own stakeholders—employees, investors, and business partners—but also within the global community.

We firmly believe that together we can all make a significant contribution to discussions and actions that improve and preserve our environments in every corner of the planet.

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