CEMEX launch Supaflo-C at the UK Construction Week Show in Birmingham

Two years work by CEMEX technicians and recent admixtures developments have led to the launch of a new cementitious pumpable, self- smoothing, levelling screed, Supaflo-C.

The new product, launched at UK Civils exhibition in Birmingham, is based on CEM I cement.

“Significant development work in terms of laboratory and site trials has gone into the design and production of Supaflo-C. This product can offer the contractor significant benefits - it’s easy to lay, dries quickly, has an excellent finish and can be used in areas susceptible to water ingress such as bathrooms and changing rooms,” comments Steve Crompton, Technical Director CEMEX UK.

Supaflo-C is perfect for internal floors in houses, schools and colleges, health centres and light commercial usage. Recently, the first contract of eight cu metres was used by contractor Co- Dunkall and laid in a new build house at Caston in Norfolk on the ground floor 55mm thick covering under floor heating. It gave the same plastic properties and ease of installation as an Anhydrite flowing screed.

The new screed is available across the network of CEMEX UK Readymix plants.


Notes to editors:

Technical information:

- Compressive 18 to 25N.mm2
- Flexural 4 to 6N/mm2
- Drying shrinkage <0.05%Workable life 2.5 hours
- Dry Density 2000 to 2100kg/m3
- Drying times Can typically be overlain at 28 days with impermeable floor coverings

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