CEMEX expands Valuemix business to south coast

CEMEX expands Valuemix business to south coast

08 August 2016

CEMEX UK has expanded its Valuemix business, the mobile volumetric concrete and screed service, currently operated only in Altincham near Manchester to another developing market, Poole in Dorset.  This is a ‘first’ in the Poole area with the CEMEX volumetric vehicle meeting the higher safety standards of a HGV, not a mobile plant.

Two volumetric vehicles have just come into operation and are based at CEMEX’s Poole readymix site. They are managed by Business Manager, Rob Zsigo  “This new business in Poole is a development in the customer offering by CEMEX. As one of the country’s leading building materials supplier we will now be able to offer local small to medium businesses and individuals, the same quality and innovative products that we supply to large contractors building major constructions such as 20 Fenchurch Street and Crossrail in London.”

There has been a growing trend in the market to supply materials via volumetric vehicles, with an estimated 2 million cubic metres of concrete delivered annually to customers.  CEMEX has ensured that their Valuemix vehicles meet the same safety, vehicle testing and driver regulation as its fleet of nearly 1000 large goods vehicles (LGVs) such as cement tankers.

In comparison many operators in the market classifying their vehicles as engineering plants rather than LGVs, avoiding essential regulation which can create a significant safety risk for other road users and customers.

Valuemix provides small to medium construction businesses, local builders and individuals with quality assured concrete and screed from as little as 0.5 of a cubic metre, for a small path, paving and foundation type projects, up to loads of 8 cubic metres for larger building projects. All loads have the QSRMC* (quality scheme for readymix concrete) assurance.

This new flexible service can deliver more than one product mix in a single delivery drop and there are a range of 20 different materials. For a builder who is constructing a house and may require different strength mixes this can provide the ideal solution.


Notes to editors:

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  • QSRMC (quality scheme for readymixed concrete), an independent specialist and dedicated certification service that guarantees the quality, design, production and supply of the concrete to the customer.
  • Helping to build a Great Britain – CEMEX’s vision is to help build a greater Britain by providing solutions to construction problems through our innovative building materials, our expertise, our understanding of the construction issues and our people.We aim to create the best service and the best solutions for a better future.
  • About CEMEX: CEMEX is a global manufacturer of building materials and the biggest Mexican investor in the UK, with 3,000 people employed across 450 sites nationwide. In this country, we are a leading provider of aggregates, cement, ready-mixed concrete and rail sleepers with annual sales of around £1 billion.
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