The Attenborough
Nature Reserve


Better Future

CEMEX helps to provide this country’s essential housing and infrastructure needs, but our activity has an impact, on people and the communities in which we operate.

That’s why building a better future is ingrained into every aspect of our business. For decades we have invested in our communities, through the CEMEX Foundation and the Rugby Benevolent Fund. Our Lendahand scheme demonstrates our commitment to giving back… and to helping make our communities better places to live.

We have created a Payback Initiative that guarantees that 1m2 of UK priority habitat is created for every 10m3 of concrete we produce. Through projects like the restoration of 80 hectares at Rugeley quarry in Staffordshire, which won the first ever Natural England Biodiversity award.

And the stunning Attenborough Nature Reserve and visitor centre in Nottingham, described by patron Sir David Attenborough as “a lifeline to the natural world”.

Our continuing 20-year partnership with the RSPB has produced challenging biodiversity targets, including a goal to create 1000 hectares of priority conservation habitat by 2020. It prompted TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham to comment...

“With its employees, neighbours and conservation organisations, CEMEX UK creates habitats that enrich our environment.”

Proof that CEMEX’s commitment to a sustainable future is part of our DNA.

Building the Future
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