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The Rugby range also includes carefully-blended concretes and mortars offering exceptional quality, convenience and reliability, ensuring the right result every time

Rugby Deep Fill Levelling Compound

Rugby Deep Fill Levelling Compound

CEMEX Rugby Deep Fill Levelling Compound is a rapid setting and hardening, high strength, single part, cementitious smoothing underlayment incorporating recycled raw materials. It can be mixed up and applied as single units and is especially suited to larger projects where it is ideal for pumping applications and can be applied up to depths of 50mm. Find out more (/rugby-deep-fill-leveller-floor-levelling-compound.aspx).

  • Suitable for use in industrial, commercial and domestic flooring installations
  • 30-40 minutes working time
  • Walk on in 3 hours
  • Pumpable

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Rugby General Purpose Mortar

Rugby General Purpose Mortar

Whether you are building an extension, garage or barbeque, or simply repairing existing Brick or Block work Rugby General Purpose Mortar offers the time saving solution with exceptional quality, convenience and reliability.

  • For brick and block laying
  • For rendering and repointing
  • For general masonry repair
  • Just add water
  • 1 bag will produce enough mortar to lay 25 standard house bricks

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Rugby 40N/mm2 Concrete

Rugby 40N/mm2

Rugby 40N/mm2 concrete has been specifically designed to give increased strength levels compared to that of the General Purpose Concrete mix. This product is designed for structural concrete and more industrial and commercial applications where a high strength concrete is required.

  • Heavy duty concrete designed for industrial and commercial applications
  • Typical coverage - 0.115m2 at 100mm thickness
  • Typical strength = 40n/mm2 at 28 days
  • Dry pre-blended cementitious material to BS 5838-1:1980

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Rugby Kiln Dried Sand

Rugby Kiln Dried Sand

Rugby Kiln Dried Sand is a natural, specially selected washed and dried sand designed for use as a jointing or grouting sand on concrete block paving projects. It has been designed to comply with the gradings given in BS 7533 Part 3 1997.

  • For use as jointing sand in all types of block paving work
  • Use directly from the bag and brush into paving with a wide soft brush
  • Typical coverage - 5m2 of standard block paving

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Rugby Black Bitumen Macadam

Rugby Black Bitumen Macadam

Rugby Black Bitumen Macadam is a cold lay deferred set compound carefully formulated for ease of use and to give good results every time when either repairing patches, or refurbishing concrete.

  • For repairing tarmac drives and pathways
  • Use direct from the bag
  • Sets hard within 12 hours
  • Typical coverage - 0.8m2 at a compacted 14mm thickness

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Rugby Post Mix Professional

Rugby Post Mix Professional

Rugby Post Mix Professional is the ideal time and effort saving solution for domestic or commercial applications such as fixing posts, road signs or bollards where a smoother surface finish may be required. This is achieved by using a finer aggregate in the mix. As with Rugby Post Mix no mixing with water is required before placing.

  • For fixing posts, road signs and bollards
  • Finer aggregate provides a smoother surface finish
  • No requirement for mixing – just add water after placing
  • Fast setting

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Rugby Post Mix

Rugby Post Mix

Rugby Post Mix is the ideal time saving solution for fixing fence posts and rotary washing lines in domestic applications. Post Mix is an equally time saving ideal alternative to mixing concrete for more commercial applications including fixing road signs and street lamps. Rugby Post Mix offers exceptional quality, convenience and reliability, ensuring the right result every time.

  • For fixing fence posts, gates and rotary washing lines
  • 1 bag per standard 70x70x2400mm fence post
  • No requirement for mixing
  • Sets in 10 minutes

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