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Cement Bound Granular Mixtures(CBGM)

CEMEX can design, produce and install a wide variety of cementitious bound pavement layers including Cement Bound Granular Mixtures(CBGM). CBGM can offer cost saving and sustainable benefits to your infrastructure projects.

Product Description

Hydraulically Bound Mixtures including CBGM have been used in road, airfield, port and other pavement construction for over 50 years.  Cement Bound Granular Mixtures are a cost effective and potentially more sustainable alternative to conventional asphalt construction. Using either natural and/or recycled and secondary, mixes can be designed in order to meet the needs of most infrastructure projects.

CEMEX have a UK wide network of readymix plants capable of producing CBGM’s to a variety of strength classes, backed up by our fully mobile production unit which is capable of producing up to 130T per hour.  CBGM is installed using conventional paving equipment and methods, and is overlaid with the required thickness of asphalt in accordance with the design standards.’’

All mixes are designed at our National Technical Centre in Southam using state of the art testing equipment and methods. Technical advice can be provided on pavement design, raw materials & mix selection as well as programming of works for any given scenario.

Product Benefits

Improved performance - As a ‘structural’ layer, CBGM offers benefits of improved whole life costing, with minimal repairs likely in comparison with an asphalt product. Depending on the design, CBGM performance can be equivalent to those of bitumen-bound materials. Research has shown that sub-bases could be laid up to 60% thinner than unbound granular sub-base, while producing an equivalent or better performance (TRL 248).

Lower cost - Using todays more versatile design approach, CBGM can be used as a sub-base replacement, providing the opportunity to reduce the thickness of the more expensive, overlying, pavement layers. In addition there is a reduction in excavation and muck shift works prior to construction. This has the added benefit of reducing contract duration which in itself is one of the largest potential cost savings.

Sustainable construction - Since CBGM can incorporate recycled or artificial materials, primary aggregate extraction can be minimised. The use a locally won aggregate when compared with the more stringent requirements of asphalt production may also prove beneficial in terms of cost, as well as CO2.

CEMEX Paving Solutions promote client involvement at the earliest possible stage in order to derive the maximum possible benefits for every project, please contact us on our Helpline 0800 667 827 or email
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