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CEMEX provide high performance, innovative cementitious solutions which meet customers evolving needs and draw on our market leading customer service, technical expertise & logistics capability.

CEM 1 (CEMEX Portland)

(Portland cement BS EN 197-1 - CEM I 52,5 N)

This is the Portland cement found in most precast and ready-mixed concrete. It is ideal for use on its own or in conjunction with cementitious additions such as ash. The use of admixtures alongside CEMEX Portland can be beneficial in terms of concrete in its plastic and hardened state.  » See More


(Portland cement BS EN 197-1 - CEM I 52,5 R)

Once set, the early-age strength development of CEMEX Rapid exceeds that of CEMEX Portland. For this reason it is ideal for reducing mould or formwork stripping times in precast and ready-mixed applications. Its faster rate of reaction also generates more heat, which can be advantageous in colder conditions.   » See More


(Portland-fly ash cement BS EN 197-1 - CEM II/B-V 42,5 N)

CEMEX Extra is a factory manufactured Portland-fly ash cement that complements our existing range of Portland cements. It has enhanced properties that provide benefits in a wide range of concrete, mortar, render, screed and grout applications. CEMEX Extra is manufactured by burning a precisely specified mixture of raw materials containing lime, silica, alumina and small quantities of other materials to forma clinker. The clinker, selected fly ash and calcium sulfate, (to control setting), are combined to produce a very consistent cement with improved characteristics.   » See More
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