Blackpool puts the competition in the shade
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Blackpool puts the competition in the shade

20 July 2017

Our Area 6 readymix team outshone the competition to provide superior customer service, to contractor Ward and Burke at Princess Way, Blackpool this week.

Danny Roberts, Sales Manager continues,“We started a 350m3 pour at 4.00 am finishing around 3.00 pm, this was to support a mass base pour together with other suppliers through two concrete pumps.

"We out-shone the competition with our master plan of execution in communication, efficiency and planning, supported by all departments, Commercial, Operations, Shipping and Technical including our CEMEX supply chain, it was the Area 6 team that pulled together to provide a quality of service that Ward and Burke expected from CEMEX.

"The icing on this cake from a commercial perspective was Sales Executive Jenny Deacon extracted full value on both a high selling price/margin recovery and sundry recovery Plant and Truck Exclusivity...Thank you to everyone in Area 6 for their brilliant teamwork.”

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