Bird islands created out of surplus from CEMEX cement plant

Bird islands created out of surplus from CEMEX cement plant

23 June 2017

Three new islands have been created for wetland and wading birds out of the ash surplus from nearby South Ferriby cement plant, close to the Humber. It is hoped that over 5000 birds will enjoy the moonscape-like surface of the small, but perfectly formed islands.

The islands have been created in the alkaline lake on land adjoining the cement plant using ash from the cement making process.  This environment is very sterile and does not allow much vegetation to grow, perfect for wading birds such as Dunlin and Redshank to roost on and little ringed plovers to nest on. And predators have nowhere to hide!

The location of the 10 metre by 30 metre islands means that the birds are sheltered from North Westerly winds and provide a safe haven when there is bad weather or high tides on the Humber.  The cement works is next to the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of birds) Reads Island reserve which offers a home to up to 50,000 wetland birds.  These birds will find the nearby islands also provide a safe roosting area that is relatively undisturbed when the weather is bad.

Peter Short, RSPB Humber Reserves site manager comments “Once the islands are established we hope to attract a wide range of different species using them for roosting and breeding such as dunlin, redshank, lapwing, curlew, ringed plover and avocet.

“Safe undisturbed areas for breeding waders are at a premium along the Humber which means species like little ringed plover and ringed plover often struggle to find suitable breeding habitat. The islands will give new nesting areas for these two species – every chick counts towards their conservation,” he concludes.

“Our long term partnership with the RSPB has enabled us to create some wonderful habitats like the bird islands at South Ferriby. In this case, the expertise of the RSPB on what will make the perfect environment for the birds combined with our surplus materials and land have provided nature with a home,” says Kevin Groombridge, Environmental Manager South Ferriby cement plant.



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