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Barratt Homes - Our Partner In Safety
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Barratt Homes - Our Partner In Safety

14 December 2017

Our Area 7 team came up with the idea of Partners in Safety a couple of years ago - if a customer goes above and beyond to keep our staff safe when delivering or working on the customer’s site, we highlight this effort by nominating them for an Award.

Barratt Homes (Nottingham) have had two silos on their development site for two years now and apart from servicing the silos we have not had to send an Engineer out to this site for a breakdown. This is practically unheard of in the Dry Silo Business, you nearly always find someone has forgotten to drain down in the winter or the mixer has not been cleaned out properly which often results in an Engineer having to go to site and repair the problem.

Andrew Parfrement, Telehandler Driver/Silo Operative, takes such good care of the silos that these issues don’t happen. He commented that the mixer and silo CEMEX use is second to none; he has worked with most of our competitors' silos and he much prefers the kit CEMEX use.

Barratt Homes has gone one step further by installing a reinforced barrier along the front of the silos to stop any accidental damage by the site machinery, and this keeps an exclusion zone in front of the silos to keep Andrew safe whist operating them.

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