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01 June 2005

Bags of opportunity

Designed factory-made bagged masonry mortar to meet the new European standard 998-2 is the latest innovation from Rugby.

Rugby Premium Mortar, characterised as a BS EN 998-2 M4 mortar, has been developed over the last six months and is the first dry silo mortar to be packaged in easy-to-handle bags.

The harmonised European standard for masonry mortar became the UK standard on 1st February 2005 and is a performance-based standard. This allows users to specify a mortar for a particular use, rather than relying on the properties achieved from a general mix design based on non-specific cements and sands.

Designed mixes are classified by minimum compressive strength rather than by mix proportion. For Rugby Premium Mortar, a minimum strength of 4 N/mm2 is guaranteed.

Manufactured under a third-party-accredited system, Rugby Premium Mortar is CE-marked to give added assurance of its quality. This mortar is ideal for builders or DIY-ers who wish to use a professional product but who have limited space or site restrictions, and cannot use traditional factory products such as Readyspread or Readymix Dry Silo mortars. It is also ideal for starting or finishing dry silo jobs where smaller quantities of the material are required.

Rugby Premium Mortar is composed of precisely weighed cement and sand with accurately dispensed admixtures. Its unique properties give it increased workability and board life, while the controlled air content means it is more resistant to frost attack.

It is available in 25kg plastic bags from Rugby stockists throughout the UK. One bag will yield approximately 0.017 cubic metres and 1 cubic metre (64 bags) will lay approximately 1,900 solid bricks, 1,700 frogged bricks or 1,200 blocks each 450 x 225 x100mm.

For further information contact:

Elizabeth Young
Telephone: 01932 583214

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