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Bagged Cement from CEMEX

CEMEX is a world leader in packed cement and other related products, backed with excellent technical expertise in blended cements and fly ash for more than 20 years.

The Rugby brand signals a refreshed, coherent and extended range for the future. It not only reinforces our CEM II packed products and our commitment to sustainable development, but also stands for improved reliability and availability. Find out more information about CEM II and blended sustainable cements.

As well as packed cement the range also includes carefully-blended concretes and mortars offering exceptional quality, convenience and reliability, ensuring the right result every time. See more about the Rugby Cement Range. 

Bagged Cement


The Rugby range also offers a wide selection of screened bagged  products like kiln dried sand and black bitumen Macadam.

View our simple product application chart to assist you in making the right cement choice for the type of work you are doing. Also you can view mixing instructions for basic concretes, mortars and rendering.

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