Asphalt Teamwork Gets the Holiday Traffic Moving for Eurovia
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Asphalt Teamwork Gets the Holiday Traffic Moving for Eurovia

09 August 2017

Professional teamwork between our planners, operations, logistics and drivers helped our customer Eurovia with a repair to the M5 motorway last week.

With holiday traffic at peak levels, an incident on a Friday between two lorries closed two lanes of the motorway, and contractor Eurovia needed our help. A small repair soon became a 270 tonne delivery of Viatex, but thanks to committed staff and our patient lorry drivers the material was dispatched, laid and the motorway was fully re-opened early on Saturday morning.

Then Eurovia called with another incident nearer to Bristol needing a similar repair which was successfully completed as an emergency, and the M5 was re-opened on Sunday.

On Monday the customer contacted us to thank everyone for their commitment and response to the two unplanned events. Many thanks to all involved, including the patient asphalt drivers who were left stranded during the repair and had to walk a couple of miles to get their lunch!

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