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Admixtures for the Construction Industry

Over the years, CEMEX admixtures have developed materials for all our associated businesses. The experience gained in these areas has proved invaluable in the development of admixture solutions for the construction industries.


High performance liquid admixtures, used to improve the consistence of concrete mixes or to permit effective reductions in free water content. » See More   Superplasticisers are high performance liquids or powders designed to function as high range water reducers or superplasticisers and as such can be used to produce flowing or high strength concretes.
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  High performance entraining agents designed for use in the production of air entrained concretes. » See More


These are specifically designed high quality liquid admixtures used to produce self-compacting concrete with high consistence values. They are particularly useful in the areas of precast operations, flooring and when pouring into intricate or heavily congested areas of reinforcement.
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  Mortar Retarders – A ready to use liquid mortar retarder for use in conjunction with mortar air entraining admixtures to produce set controlled, ready-to-use mortars. This product can also be used to produce set controlled screed. Mortar Air Entrainers - a high performance admixtures for use in the production of ready to use or dry silo mortar.
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  Admixtures used in semi-dry processes such as block, tile and pavior operations.
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