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CEMEX takes its role as a good neighbour very seriously. We operate an open door policy that welcomes visitors and comments to company operations.

CEMEX strives to maintain and enhance strong links with community groups, local authorities, business partners, environmental organisations and other community partners to strike a balance between the operations and the environment.

An effort to build a more sustainable and responsible company. A better world today without "cheating on our children's future" is a familiar definition of sustainability. As one of the UK's largest building materials companies, we help to make the built environment better - but our activities also have consequences for people and the environment. We recognise our responsibility to help bring about a low-carbon economy and are also working to deliver the Government’s climate change agenda by supplying concrete that resists fire and floods while retaining heat and reducing the need for air conditioning.

At a more local level, we have a responsibility to control and minimise impacts such as traffic and emissions – but we also provide jobs, contribute to the economy and have opportunities through our extensive landholdings and restoration work to enhance biodiversity. Work-related incidents are preventable, and we believe it should be the right of every employee to go home unharmed at the end of a working day. This is why we have set a target of achieving zero injuries as quickly as possible.

For general enquiries about CEMEX call our Head Office at 01932 568833 -  our address is CEMEX UK Operations, Coldharbour Lane, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey TW20 8TD
Alternative Fuels and CEMEX

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Building a better Future

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CEMEX - Building a sustainable future

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Sublime Nature

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Building the Future
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