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An out-of-hours Delivery Service

24/7 LOADTM  is our out of hours delivery service, easing pressures on congested sites and allowing customers to start the day with full silos of cement and/or bins of aggregate.

It also helps reduce the risk of late deliveries by not travelling during potential heavy traffic or 'peak' times. CEMEX successfully supply a number of customers and our own concrete plants with cement and aggregate, outside of standard operating hours. This is in addition to our extensive experience with 24 hour delivery of coated materials.

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  0800 353 433
  BAGGED CEMENT   0808 145 1900
Alternative Fuels and CEMEX

The use of alternative fuels to replace traditional fossil fuels is a key pillar of our carbon strategy as it contributes to significantly reduce our overall CO2 emissions. The substitution of fossil fuels with alternative fuels result in numerous benefits


CEMEX - Building a sustainable future

At CEMEX we have developed a sustainability model that is embedded in our business strategy and day-to-day operations. Learn more about the model and see examples that illustrate our level of effort and investment in leading our industry by building a sustainable future, today.  View

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