15cms makes all the difference ... to the lower N3 truck drivers

15cms makes all the difference ... to the lower N3 truck drivers

13 July 2017

15cms makes all the difference to the driver’s visibility in the new lower N3 trucks, which now form 100% of the CEMEX London aggregates fleet*.

The CEMEX aggregate tippers from manufacturer, DAF and Mercedes meet London’s proposed Direct Vision Standard instigated by London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan in an effort to ensure greater visibility and safety for all drivers on London roads.

The N3 8-wheeler tippers are based at CEMEX’s sites in Datchet near Slough and Angerstein Wharf near Dartford. These sites provide sand and gravel for the London construction market.

“For truck operators in London, it’s a case of “one size doesn’t fit all” you have to consider the whole journey, in particular the collection and the delivery points. The N3 has the advantage of the lower cab and greater visibility, ideal for busy roads with cyclists and pedestrians as well as traffic, while the N3G has greater ground clearance, often needed on construction sites where the access road may be uneven and poor.

“The majority of our deliveries are to our readymix concrete plants in Greater London where we know the condition of the access routes. The N3 helps us to try and keep everyone using London roads safe,” comments Rob Wilkinson, Southern Regional Logistics Manager.


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